Part Number: EGI500

Gaskit® completely seals and repairs gasket and coolant leaks including cracked, warped or blown head gaskets, cylinder and coolant leaks, leaking radiators, oil leaks, engine block. Gaskit® also provides anti-rust protection.

RRP £25.00

PERMANENT REPAIRS – A one-step repair that will permanently repair leaks in the coolant system. The micro-fibre seal creates a powerful and permanent cover, which is able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of a vehicles’ combustion chamber.

UV TORCH INCLUDED – Contains a special UV ink that can be seen under special UV light to identify problem areas.

COMPATIBLE – Compatible with all types of antifreeze and both alloy and steel heads. Once mixed with the coolant the fluid remains suspended in the liquid to easily flow throughout the entire system and fix problems.

COST SAVING – Easy to use and save money on costly repairs by adding this to the coolant system to seal leaks.


  1. Ensure engine is cool and not running to prevent any scalding hazard. Shake the Gaskit bottle well before use and pour full contents into the cooling system. Replace cap and start engine.
  2. Turn car heater system on to maximum – both the heater control and the fan speed. Let engine run for 15 to 20 minutes until it reaches its normal operating temperature.
  3. Switch engine off and allow it to cool down completely. Remove cooling system cap and check coolant level – top up to normal level if required. Replace cap securely.
  4. Drive as normal.


For engine size up to 2.0 Litres use 1 Bottle – over 2.0 Litres use 2 Bottles – over 4.0 Litres use 3 Bottles

Product Data
Package Length25cm
Package Width6.5cm
Package Height6.5cm
Package Weight610g
Country of OriginUK
Commodity Code38112100