Part Number: E10200

E10X is an ethanol fuel stabiliser that conditions and protects against corrosion when using E10 Fuel. E10X is a fuel conditioner with stabilizers designed to be used with Ethanol based fuels. The product is completely soluble and will not cause any harm to filters. The product has been formulated with fuel conditioners and stabilizers designed to prevent rust and corrosion associated with the use of ethanol fuels.

RRP £13.00

PROTECTS – Designed to protect the fuel systems against the corrosive effects of E10 petrol.

FUEL ECONOMY – Also maximises fuel economy by ensuring complete lubrication of the engine.

COLD START PERFORMANCE Improves cold start performance and reduces internal motor friction.

200 LITRES OF FUEL One 200ml Bottle treats 200 litres of petrol and should be used when refuelling.

CHEAPER THAN HIGH OCTANE FUEL Using E10X is approximately half the price of using high octane fuel. E10X costs around 6p per litre compared to 10-15p extra for premium fuel.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS Including vehicles, generators, chainsaws and boats.

E10 COMPATIBLE Check here to see if your vehicle is E10 compliant.

Product Data
Package Weight210g
Country of OriginUK
Commodity Code38111190