Part Number: ECD475

CleanDrive is scientifically proven to enhance the fuel efficiency and overall performance of any vehicle by improving the combustion process and fuel efficiency of the engine. CleanDrive can be used with any fuel type including petrol, diesel and even hybrid vehicles to clean and maintain performance. Simply add to the fuel to get up to 15% better fuel efficiency, reduce harmful emissions by up to 60% and return engine performance back to new.

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IMPROVE FUEL EFFICIENCY – MPG can be increased by up to 15% after using Clean Drive that removes unwanted deposits within the whole engine system.

REDUCE EMISSIONS – Reduces harmful emissions by up to 60%. Ideal to use before MOT to help emissions tests.

CLEANS ENGINE FILTERS – Cleans diesel particulate filter DPF, catalytic converters and lambda sensors.

IMPROVES POWER – by removing unwanted deposits from the entire fuel system including EGR valves, inlet valves and fuel injectors.

LUBRICATES AND MAINTAINS – by cleaning and lubricating the fuel system maintenance costs will be reduced.


  1. Check you have at least 1/4 tank of fuel.
  2. Add the entire CleanDrive bottle into the fuel tank, drive as normal.
  3. Wait for Fuel Warning Light to come on before refuelling. After that, refuel as normal.


For best results, use CleanDrive® once every 3,000 miles.

Product Data
Package Length17.5cm
Package Width7cm
Package Height7cm
Package Weight460g
Country of OriginUK
Commodity Code38111190

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Improve fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

Cuts harmful engine emissions by up to 60%.

Cut maintenance costs by up to 20%.


Tested by the University of Leicester.

University Laboratory Tested


CleanDrive has been laboratory tested at the University of Leicester, on two engines on fixed-bed dynamometers. The tests confirmed measurable gains in fuel economy from using CleanDrive. Our promise to you is to deliver a product that helps drivers cut fuel costs, reduce harmful emissions and enhance vehicle performance, in one.