Turbo Rejuvenator

Cleans and unblocks dirty turobochargers

    Cleans and unblocks dirty turbocharger with or without dismantling.Dissolves gum,lacquer,tar,carbon and varnish.Restores turbo power to its manufacturers design point.Regins optimal air/fuel ratio.Harmless to exhaust gas after-treatment systems.



A. Cleaning the Turbo(inlet side) Without Disassembly

  • Start the engine and let it warm up.Remove the flexible hose in the intake system.locate between the air filter box and turbocharger/intercooler.

  • For petrol engine run the engine up to 2000rpm .for diesel enginers let the engine idle, Never throttle.

  • With a warm engine spray the product into the inlet side of the turbo.
  • Spray turbo rejuvenator in short intervals to avoid spontaneous increase of rpm and engine knock.
  • After each spraying wait for the rpm to set back to original level.
  • If necessary throttle for the petrol engine to avoid stalling.For diesel engines never throttle.
  • Continue until product in the aerosol is used.

  • Let the engine idle for a few minutes.Stop the engine Reconnect the air intake hose.
  • Start engine,throttle the engine 5-10 times(max 30000 rpm)
  • let the engine run at least another minute before stopping.

B. Cleaning a very dirty turbo (inlet and outlet side) with disassembly

  • Dissasemble the turbocharger
  • Spray all parts well.Allow the product to soak several minutes.
  • Spray again on the parts until all dirt is removed.
  • It may help to use a rag or a piece of tissue to remove the dirt.
  • Dry the parts with compressed air, rag or tissue.
  • check visually for mechanical defects.
    Mount the turbo, with new gaskets.

Once treatment is complete add a bottle of CLEANDRIVE via the fuel tank

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